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It is with deep regret that Cal Rad Forum's members mourn the loss of its founder and Technical Director, Alan Pasternak.  Alan passed away September 24, 2010, following a lengthy and courageous battle against cancer.  He will be sadly missed by his many friends and colleagues.

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Welcome to the Home Page of the California Radioactive Materials Management Forum (Cal Rad Forum).

Cal Rad Forum is an association of public and private institutions and corporations that use radioactive materials and generate low-level radioactive waste in the four-state Southwestern Low-Level Waste Disposal Compact region: Arizona, California, North Dakota, and South Dakota.  Our corporate and institutional members include universities, medical centers, electric utilities with nuclear power plants, numerous industrial and manufacturing firms, and professional societies in engineering, science, radiation safety, and the medical sciences.

Cal Rad Forum's primary interest is the safe management and disposal of low-level radioactive waste.  We support prompt action by the Federal and/or State Government which will assure access to safe LLRW disposal facilities for organizations that use radioactive materials in the Southwestern Compact region (Arizona, California, North Dakota, and South Dakota).


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