Ward Valley's Neighborhood

Opponents of the proposed Ward Valley low-level radioactive waste disposal facility have argued that the disposal project would destroy the pristine beauty of the Valley. As shown in the photgraphs below, the Valley is far from pristine.
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Utility Right-of-Way
Access road and powerline looking south from a point one mile north of the proposed Ward Valley site. The eastern boundary of the site is one-quarter mile to the right (west) of the road and powerline.

Hm--a substation?
Camino electric substation looking east along Interstate-40 to South Pass through the Sacramento Mountains. (Mountains separate Ward Valley from the Colorado River Basin. ) Proposed Ward Valley site is approximately 1 mile south of the substation (to the right in the picture).

View looking southwest from Interstate-40 (near the Camino substation). Piute Mountains in background. Proposed Ward Valley site is approximately 1-1/2 miles straight ahead.

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